Thanks for Choosing Courtney Washington. This document contains information about our policies. You are urged to read carefully for your best interest in relation to obligations and limitations.

Our terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions") apply to the purchase on sale of an item ("Items(s)") from Courtney Washington ("Website"). In making an order to purchase items you agree to the enlisted terms which as subject to change at any time without notice by Courtney Washington Productions' sole discretion.

Our terms will always be available for viewing on our Website and every effort must be taken to read and review terms prior to purchase.

1.Acceptance/Confirmation of Order

Receiving a confirmation of an order from the website does not rule out an order being canceled, declined for any reason. In the event this occurs, the payment made will be refunded in full within 7  business days and we will notify you that the order has been canceled.

2. Item Changes

Prices are subject to change as we aim to update our Items frequently as a result some items may be removed or prices changes without notice. Changes in product and pricing may change due to but not limited to market trends, price change, removal, or item and error. In the event, an order has been made and changes occur we reserve to right to cancel ordered placed.


3. Payment

Payment terms are xxx and charges incurred for shipping will be carried out according to our existing shipping policies outlined within the terms and conditions. Payments done in currencies apart from x will be calculated using the currency conversion rate for the date on which the payment is being made.

Made to order products requires full payment.

4. Shipping Policy

We offer first-class and economy shipping options which can be selected at checkout based on your desire. Duration of shipping is variant dependent on the item selected and may incur delays in the event that payment is not approved or conditions subject to natural disasters. Courtney Washington Productions is not responsible for any delays resulting from customs clearance. In placing an order you agree to these terms. Courtney Washington Productions is not liable responsible for any incurred liabilities resulting from loss or damage from the package being delivered at the shipping address.


5. Fees (Shipping, Duties, Taxes)

Items displayed do not include shipping fees or any other duties and levies. Additional charges will be applied at checkout and are determined based on location and calculated after the application of discounts or promotional code. In some countries outside of Jamaica there are import taxes and delivery is done on a Delivery Duty Paid basis which is usually charged upon delivery by your shipping carrier, we, therefore, establish that said charges are the sole responsibility of the person making the purchase of items.

Orders will be shipped from Jamaica via FedEx or another carrier. Shipping costs are not refundable.

6. Copyrights, Trademarks & Intellectual Property

All copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual exhibits on the Website is the sole property of Courtney Washington Productions and its creators and therefore should not be reproduced in any form without authorization by Courtney Washington Productions. These include but not limited to; logos, images, text, audio/visual graphics Permission to use the content on the Website must Any breaches of the stated content may result in a civil or criminal case being pursued.